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Manage Your Ministry With A Focus On Your People

The Call Out Church Platform automatically builds a complete picture of your ministry with your members and prospects in the center.

Why do that?  Simple, see in an instant the health of your ministry by seeing the spiritual health of each person in it.  

Discover which programs within your ministry work and which ones don't.  

Track the health of your outreach programs to introduce your ministry to the community.   

Create a new prospect path for first time guests and follow it to convert a guest into a member.  

Offer online giving in an easy to use, custom designed interface specific for your ministry.  Provide giving opportunities for as many different giving categories as your ministry needs.

How Are We Different

We Focus On The Person

After God, the people, that are already in your church and those who have not found you yet, are the most important aspect of your ministry.

Think about it...

Without your people, your ministry does not exist.

Without your people, you cannot guide, lead and grow with others.

Without your people, you cannot have fellowship with fellow believers.

Regardless of if each person in your ministry is a long-time member or first time guest, the Call Out Church Platform is designed to help you minister to everybody, one relationship at a time.

We believe in one simple concept:

Relationships Build The Body

The Body Builds The Church

Engage Your People

Each person has a story to tell, experiences to share and opportunities to grow. Let the platform help reach each one.

Automatically build a record of all services, activities, outreach events attended and financial gifts given by each person in your ministry. 

Let the data lead the direction as you minister and help guide each individual in their spiritual walk. 

Give Online

The platform allows you to offer a fully customizable online giving experience for your church.  Manage as many giving categories with ease and change them as many times as you want.  

Accept credit cards and digital checks and even allow donors to set up recurring donations on a weekly or monthly basis.  

The platform automatically manages everything for you and records each donation to the member's record.




Reach Your First Time Guests Quicker

Send a personal email to first time guests automatically and follow up a few hours later with a simple 2 question survey. 

Provide information about your ministry automatically through a text message to anybody.


Self Register Guests And Members

Allow those attending services or outreach events the opportunity to register their attendance using their own cell phone (95% of us have them these days) with a simple text code to a text number unique to only your church. 

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Leading a ministry in the 21st century is more challenging, more engaging and more time consuming than ever before.  How can you do it all and still find time to get closer to God yourself? 

The Call Out Church Platform was developed base on twenty-plus years of church leadership experience and designed to help you lead your church, grow your church and be the best minister and leader you can be.

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Answered Questions Include:


How can you be everywhere at once?


How do you motivate your leaders and keep your members?


How do you keep visitors coming back?


How do you stay open 24 hours a day?


How do you stay committed as a pastor?

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- Chris Meadows / Founder

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